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Building Division

  1. Building Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Building Permit application

  2. Fire Code Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Fire Code Permit application

  3. Plumbing Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Plumbing Permit application

  1. Develop in a floodplain application

    Snoqualmie Develop in a floodplain application

  2. Mechanical Permit Application

    Snoqualmie Mechanical Permit application

  3. Revision to Issued Permit

    Snoqualmie Revision to Issued Permit

Comprehensive Plan Docket Form

  1. Comprehensive Plan Docket Form

    Propose changes to the City Comprehensive Plan. Learn more.


  1. Admissions Tax Application
  1. Donation Interest Form

    Please fill out and submit this form if you are interested in making a donation to the City of Snoqualmie.

Fire Department

  1. CPR | AED | First Aid | Stop the Bleed Class Registration Form

    Fill out and submit this form to reserve space in upcoming Snoqualmie Fire Dept. classes, including First Aid, CPR, AED, and Stop the... More…

  1. Stop the Bleed and Opioid Overdose Education Classes Registration Form

    Sign up for these classes to train in life-saving techniques, including preventing blood loss in emergency situations and learning the... More…


  1. Home Elevation or Acquisition Grant Program Interested Party List

    The City is pursuing federal grants to assist residents with elevating homes for flood protection or selling flood prone homes. Please... More…

  1. Snoqualmie Mill Project Interested Parties List

    Submit this form to be notified when permits for this project are applied for and/or issued.

Police Department

  1. General Request

    General Request

  2. Property Request

    Property Request

  3. Vacation House Check

    Vacation House Check

  1. Police Station Facility Use Application and Agreement

    Police Station Facility Use Application and Agreement

  2. Request for Police Station Tour/Officer Safety Talk

    Request for Police Station Tour or Officer Safety Talk

  3. Victim/Witness Statement

Public Works

  1. Snoqualmie Parkway Rehab Project Questions or Comments

    Please submit this form with questions, comments, or feedback about the Snoqualmie Parkway Rehabilitation Project.

  1. Snowplowing Request

Utility Billing

  1. Leak Adjustment Request

    One-time water leak adjustment request

  2. Start Service - Buyer

    Notice to start utility service

  3. Stop Service - Seller

    Notice to stop utility service for sellers only. To stop service for a tenant, please fill out the Stop Service - Tenant form.

  4. Utility Rate Reduction Application

    Application for reduced utility rates based on household income

  1. Property Manager Authorization

    Legal owner of property can authorize an agent to manage their property's utility bill.

  2. Start Utility Service - Tenant

    Use this form if you are the landlord and want to put the utility account into a tenant's name.

  3. Stop Service - Tenant/Landlord

    Notice to close tenant utility account