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City Legacy Bench Donation Interest Form

  1. Leave your mark in a Snoqualmie park

    The City of Snoqualmie’s Legacy Bench Donation Program is a wonderful way to give. Donating a Legacy Bench provides a lasting and memorable way to acknowledge a friend, family member, or loved one. Your gift will be enjoyed by many in our community and your contribution is a caring way to enhance the City’s park and trail system.

  2. Let’s Get Started

    To request a Legacy Bench, please complete and submit the Donation Interest Form, below. All requests are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

  3. Please note: Legacy Bench requests must be for City of Snoqualmie parks or trails only. Please visit for a list of city-owned Parks and Trails.

  4. Please review Plaque requirements below. Language is subject to approval by City of Snoqualmie Parks & Public Works Department. 

  5. Bench Cost & Service Life

    Benches become property of City of Snoqualmie Parks & Public Works Department once they are installed.

    City of Snoqualmie will maintain the donated bench for 10 years. Should vandalism occur, the Parks & Public Works Department will make reasonable effort to make furnishings whole. If the bench becomes unsafe to sit on or if it is vandalized beyond repair, or in a manner that is visually unappealing, it will be removed. Removal of the bench is at the sole discretion of the City.

    The City may remove or relocate and shall otherwise have sole control over the donated bench.

  6. Bench Styles

    Bench styles are predetermined according to the park’s master plan and/or City standards.

  7. Options and Pricing (Check box of preferred bench option)

    Check, Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Checks are to be made payable to the City of Snoqualmie. City of Snoqualmie no longer accepts cash payments. Payment must be made in full prior to bench/plaque purchase and refunds will not be issued.

  8. Plaque

    Your donation will be recognized by the placement of a plaque that will be mounted on the backrest of the bench.

    1. The plaque may not exceed four lines with approximately 24-26 characters per line.
    2. Text on plaque is restricted to:
      • The name(s) of the donor(s), whether individual, associational, or corporate
      • If the donor is an individual, the names of the donor’s immediate family members;
      • The name of any individual(s), group or event that the donor wishes to commemorate with the bench; and
      • A donative or commemorative message related to the donor(s) and/or the person, group or event being commemorated (such as “donated by,” “dedicated to,” “In loving memory of,” or similar) of no more than 5 words. 
    3. Plaque messaging may not contain other statements, quotes, advertisements or marketing information, or phone numbers.
    4. All plaque details, including text, must be in the form indicated on the application and must be approved by the Parks & Public Works Department as being consistent with this policy.
  9. Donation Requests

    While the City appreciates donations for benches, it is under no obligation to accept donations even if the request meets all criteria set forth in the Policy. City of Snoqualmie procedures, policies, guidelines and fees outlined in this guide are subject to periodic review and changes.

    Inquiries about the Bench Donation Program can be made with the City of Snoqualmie Parks & Public Works staff by emailing 

  10. Donation Bench Terms and Conditions
    1. The city is under no obligation to accept a gift or donation, even if the gift or donation otherwise meets the criteria set forth herein.
    2. All donations to the City of Snoqualmie will become property of the City of Snoqualmie and the city reserves the right to remove or relocate any and all donated items at any time.
    3. Donations must be consistent with the Master Plans and with existing conditions and needs at the specific park site.
    4. All donation requests must be submitted in writing.
    5. The plaque attached to the bench will be the donor’s only recognition of the donation.
    6. The mayor is the final decision-maker regarding acceptance of the donation, and Public Works is the final decision-maker on the placement and installation[TW1] .
    7. The City will maintain the bench for its useful lifetime. The bench will be removed when it becomes unsafe to sit on or if it is vandalized in a manner that makes it visually unacceptable. The city will not be responsible for replacing any damaged or vandalized items. The city will notify the donor when the bench must be removed and will give the original donor the opportunity to renew the gift and donate a replacement bench.
    8. The City of Snoqualmie procedures, policies & fees outlined in this guide are subject to periodic review and change.
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