Your Government 

The City of Snoqualmie was incorporated on June 9, 1903. Snoqualmie is a non-charter code city operating under Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 35A, employing a Mayor-Council form of government. 

Seven City Councilmembers act as policy makers, providing the mayor - the City's separately elected chief executive officer - with guidelines and performance objectives. The City Administrator and City staff turn these goals into programs and services. All Councilmembers are elected citywide.

The City Council has the authority to formulate and adopt City policies and the Mayor is responsible for carrying them out. 

Council Outdoor Group Photo 32023 Snoqualmie City Council and Mayor (L to R): Ethan Benson, Rob Wotton, Bryan Holloway, James Mayhew, Mayor Katherine Ross, Louis Washington, Cara Christensen, and Jo Johnson. 


The City of Snoqualmie Mayor, City Council, Administration, and employees are committed to providing the highest level of service and personal attention. Please visit City Hall for centralized city services, to attend public meetings, meet city employees, and tour the building.

City Mission Statement

We are the stewards of our natural and built environment, striving to preserve and create an extraordinary community for our residents, businesses, and visitors.

City Vision Statement

Snoqualmie is extraordinary genuine in its beauty, people, and quality of life. 

City Values

In serving our community we are:

  • Transparent in every action
  • Responsive in addressing all concerns
  • Accountable in all we do
  • Innovative in our work
  • Trustworthy in the eyes of those we serve
  • Sustainable fiscally and environmentally

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