Community Outreach

Home Safety Inspections 

The Snoqualmie Fire Department will perform a free safety inspection of your home and property if requested. Special attention will be paid to smoke detectors, fire hazards, and emergency preparedness. Homeowners will be given a checklist of items inspected and recommendations on how to improve safety in their homes. Call 425-888-1551 or email  to schedule.

Show & Tell Safety Talks for Kids

Fire Fighters will visit groups in the city to present information on fire safety. Children are also given the opportunity to sit in the fire engine and have demonstrations of the different tools and equipment we use. Free with advanced notification. Call 425-888-1551 or email to schedule.

Fire Station Tours

Snoqualmie Fire Fighters would love to give tours of the Fire Station to children of all ages, teen and adult groups, or others interested.  Children will be given an opportunity to tour the station and vehicles, plus a brief fire safety talk by the Fire Fighters. Tours are free with advanced notification. Call 425-888-1551 or email  to schedule.

School Visits

The Snoqualmie Fire Fighters visit the local schools for special presentations and events. Teachers and school administrators are welcome to call the Fire Department at 425-888-1551 or email to talk about visits. 

Fire Prevention Month PowerPoint Presentation (10/2019)

Fire Extinguisher Safety & Usage

Learn how to use fire extinguishers safely. Instruction consists of lecture and hands-on practice using extinguishing fires. Upon completion of the class, participants will be able to recognize and identify different types of fire extinguishers and their usage. Call 425-888-1551 to schedule.