Snoqualmie Fire Dept. History

The Snoqualmie Fire Department has a long-standing history of service to the City. The department was established in 1939 by a group of concerned citizens volunteers. On November 6, 1940, City of Snoqualmie Resolution #239 was adopted, establishing the Snoqualmie Volunteer Fire Department.

The department remained a volunteer department until 1992 when the City hired a full-time Fire Chief. Soon thereafter, the Chief hired a training officer to assist him in training volunteers. In 1994, the City handed its fire service over to King County Fire Protection District #10 (King 10) through an interlocal agreement. The Fire Department remained under King 10 until 1999 when the City ended its short relationship with this District. It was at this point that the City hired a Deputy Fire Chief and six firefighters to staff its fire station under a Director of Public Safety who managed both police and fire. In 2000, the City established a stand-alone Fire Department, and promoted the Deputy Fire Chief to Fire Chief. 

Major milestones for the Fire Department between 2000 through 2007 included the addition of three firefighters; an Administrative Assistant position in 2004; a new fire station in 2005; a Battalion Chief position was added in 2007 to function as training officer and volunteer coordinator. In 2015, the Administrative Assistant position was reclassified to Administrative Assistant II when the scope of the position’s duties changed. 

In 2005, the City opened a new fire station, moving out of the Snoqualmie River floodplain and closer to Snoqualmie Ridge where the bulk of homes are located. This state of the art facility provided space for all apparatus, a fire administration office area on the lower level, and a hose drying tower that can also be used for technical rescue training.

Also in 2005, the City entered into an agreement with the Snoqualmie Tribe to provide fire and EMS services to the Snoqualmie Casino located just outside the City. Responses to the casino were predominantly EMS in nature and averaged approximately 180 incidents per year. This agreement was maintained until 2016 when it was terminated by both parties. The Casino is now served by Eastside Fire and Rescue. 

In 2012, Snoqualmie voters approved a public safety levy that added one additional firefighter, bringing the staffing up to ten. In the same year the City implemented an EMS transport fee program that added the eleventh firefighter. This staffing level allowed the Fire Department to staff with three career firefighters during the day, and a minimum of two career firefighters and one volunteer during the evening hours. 

Later in 2012, the Battalion Chief retired from the department, followed by the Fire Chief announcing his retirement in 2013. In 2014, current Fire Chief Mark Correria was hired, and the Battalion Chief position was reclassified to Captain of Training, Health & Safety. In 2018 and for better continuity and succession planning, the City reclassified the Captain of Training, Health & Safety to Deputy Chief of Operations. The Fire Chief, Deputy Chief of Operations and Administrative Assistant II make up the current administrative staff for the department.

In 2016, Snoqualmie voters approved second tax initiative that added a twelfth firefighter to the ranks, allowing the City to increase its minimum staffing from three daytime firefighters and two in the evening, to three firefighters 24-hours-a-day seven-days-a-week. The long-standing tradition of volunteerism has remained in the department, with volunteer firefighters and EMS responders utilized to increase staffing above minimum established levels. 

SFD firefighters in parade