The Rails

Project Description

A private property owner has proposed to construct a multi-use development. The proposal includes a new three-story building on a vacant lot in the downtown historic district. The building will consist of office/retail space fronting Maple Street. The remaining first floor area would consist of parking for building tenants, access to stairwells and elevator, utility, and mechanical rooms, as well as trash and recycling storage spaces. The second and third floors will consist of eleven market rate apartment units. The roof will include outdoor space for tenant use, as well as access to the stairwell, elevator, and storage for additional mechanical equipment.   


The project is proposed for a vacant, 9,000 sq. ft. (parcel #784920-1430) lot on Maple Ave between King and River streets.  The land parcel lies within the Business Retail 2 zoning district, as well as the City's Historic District. The Business Retail 2 zoning district, as well as its allowable uses, were adopted by the City Council in May 2005 following an update of the City of Snoqualmie Comprehensive Plan in 2004, which was required to be consistent with the Washington State Growth Management Act.

Permitting & Review Requirements

  • Historical Design Review Board Approval (completed in January 2022)
  • Building Permit (in process as of April 2022)
  • Civil Engineering Review (in process as of April 2022)
  • Flood Improvement Permit
  • Clearing and Grading Permit
  • Fire Marshal Approval

Project Appeal

In June 2022, a lawsuit appealing the land use decision for this project was dismissed by King County Superior Court Judge Thorpe.  In the decision, the respondents' motion to dismiss on judicial grounds was granted; the petitioners' land use petition was dismissed for lack of standing; the respondents were entitled to an award of statutory attorneys' fees and costs, in an amount to be determined in accordance with Ch. 4.84 RCW. 

See full court decision HERE.

Rails conceptual front

[Conceptual Image Only - Not Final Design]