Elections / Voter Information

While elections and voter registration for Snoqualmie is managed by King County, the Clerk's office can assist you with voter registration. The following information is available online:

2021 General Election Information

Social Media: 

Key 2021 Dates: 

  • October 13 – Ballots mailed
  • October 14 – Drop boxes open
  • October 18 – Voters should have their ballot in hand by the 10/19 mail delivery
  • October 25 – Deadline for online and mail voter registration
  • November 2 – Election Day! Drop boxes close at 8 p.m. sharp or ballots must be postmarked by today
  • November 22 – Final day to return the form to cure a challenge/fix a signature issue
  • November 23 – Certification Day, marks the official end of vote counting

Register to Vote: 

  • Register to vote! The simplest way to register to vote is to go online to VoteWA.gov. The deadline to register to vote (in the November 2021 election) online or return a paper registration form by mail is Monday, October 25. 
  • To be eligible to register to vote, you must be a US citizen, a Washington State resident, and not under Department of Corrections supervision for a Washington felony conviction. To cast a ballot, you must also be 18 by Election Day.

Make a Plan:

  • Life is busy and creating a vote plan can help make sure you get your ballot in on time. Make a vote plan today so that you know when you’ll vote, who you’ll vote for, and how you’ll return your ballot. You can use the template available on our website here
  • King County strongly recommends voting early in this election. Voting early means that you can rest easy on Election Day knowing that you did your part and it means that we are able to provide a more meaningful set of initial results on Election Night.

Drop Boxes:

  • If you don’t send back your ballot in the mail, return your ballot to a nearby Drop Box. The closest Drop Box is available at the Snoqualmie Library located at 7824 Center Boulevard SE. Your ballot must be returned to a ballot drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day. 
  • Ballot drop boxes are a secure and convenient way for voters to return their ballot. Constructed of half-inch thick steel, the boxes are bolted to concrete with steel bolts, with multiple locking mechanisms, no pry points, and equipped with tamper evident seals drop boxes.
  • Find your nearest Drop Box here – there are 73 across the county.  

Tracking Your Ballot: 

  • Here you can view your voter registration information, track your ballot and read about the contests on your ballot.
  • Track your ballot. You took the time to vote and return your ballot. Now, make sure that your ballot counted and be confident on Election Day that your voice was heard.
  • Given the pandemic, King County is encouraging those who don’t require assistance to vote from home so we can keep lines and crowds down and voters and staff safe. That said, the decision to come in person is ultimately up to the voter. 

Accessible Voting:

  • Vote centers are available for voters that need assistance. Each center has voting machines that offer audio or large print ballots, and other assistive devices. Elections staff are available to assist as needed. Voters can also register to vote and get their ballot through Election Day.
  • Find out about other options and resources available here.  


Voter Registration

Find information about registering to vote by going to the King County Elections website.  You must be registered 30 days prior to an election date to be able to vote in that election. 

King County Elections Information

Find information about voter registration, voting, polling locations, candidate and measure information, results and more by going to the King County Elections website.   Use the "Find My District" tool to learn your precinct information with your County Council district, Congressional district and Legislative district.

WA State Elections Information

Find information about your voter registration status, view an online voter’s guide, see election results and more by going to the WA State Elections and Voting website.

King County Precinct Boundaries Map

King County’s interactive mapping application “Find My District” has been updated and reflects the new precinct boundaries for 2021. Citizens can input their address and a report of their precinct information with their County Council district, Congressional district and Legislative district will show, as well as a map of the area in which they can zoom in and out to see where the boundaries of their precinct or districts are. 

Running for Snoqualmie City Council

To become a City Council candidate, you must complete and file a Declaration of Candidacy, meet the qualifications for the office at the time of filing, and be registered to vote in the City. Visit the King County Elections webpage "Running for Office" or read the King County Candidate Manual for more information.