Water System Plan

The City of Snoqualmie owns and operates a municipal water system that serves the incorporated city, as well as a portion of unincorporated King County.

The city's Water System Plan provides a planning strategy for the city's water utility. It includes nine (9) chapters with many water system maps and illustrations. 

  • Chapters 1 and 2: Background data including a description of existing facilities; service area; service area policies; and projections of population and water use
  • Chapter 3: A description of system design and water quality standards, and an analysis of water quality
  • Chapter 4: Distribution system analysis including hydraulic modeling summary and the basis for identification of distribution system improvements
  • Chapter 5: Water use efficiency program, which details conservation and efficient water use goals and measures
  • Chapter 6: Source Protection Plans
  • Chapter 7: System operation and maintenance procedures
  • Chapter 8: Recommended capital improvements
  • Chapter 9: Financing for recommended improvements

Water System Plan Documents