Water Division

The City of Snoqualmie owns and operates a municipal water system that serves approximately 14,000 customers in the city limits and in unincorporated areas of Snoqualmie. 

The City is responsible for providing public water service, utility management, and water system development within its service area. In 2017, the City provided water service to an average of 4,911 connections, which were mainly comprised of single-family connections. 

Water Sources

The City has three water sources: Canyon Springs, a natural flowing spring; the North Wellfield near Tokul Road comprised of three wells; and the South Wellfield near downtown Snoqualmie comprised of two wells. 

Water System Plan

The City's Water System Plan provides a planning strategy for the city's water utility. It includes nine (9) chapters with many water system maps and illustrations.

Annual Water Quality Report

The Annual Water Quality Report, published each spring, is available to all water utility customers in Snoqualmie and unincorporated King County.

Neither lead nor copper have been detected in Snoqualmie’s water sources. The city samples for lead and copper every three years in accordance with state and federal regulations.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Comprehensive information about keeping your family safe from lead contamination is available on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website.