Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan

The City of Snoqualmie Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan - also known as the STIP - includes projects such as pavement overlays; roadway widening; bridge replacement and/or repair; traffic signal systems; safety enhancements; bicycle and pedestrian facilities; and transit improvements within city limits. 

The STIP is updated annually as required by state law and enables the City to compete for transportation funding grants from most state and federal sources. 

Following are projects on the Snoqualmie 2024-2029 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) with prioritization listed below (top to bottom). 

  • Street Resurfacing Program
  • Sidewalk Replacement Program
  • Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Program
  • Kimball Creek Bridges Replacement/Repair along SE Meadowbrook Way
  • Snoqualmie Parkway Pavement Rehabilitation
  • Town Center Improvement Project - Phase 3
  • Meadowbrook Bridge Repair/Replacement
  • 384th Sidewalk Improvements 
  • Newton Street Connection
  • King Street Rail Crossing Improvements
  • Snoqualmie Parkway Rail Crossing Improvements
  • Town Center Improvement Project - Phase 4
  • Snoqualmie Parkway and SE 99 St Intersection Improvements
  • Town Center South Parking
  • Town Center North Improvement Project
  • Northern St. Culvert Project
  • Roadway Culvert Inventory and Repair
  • Complete Streets and Safety Improvements
  • Ridge Marketplace Placemaking Project
  • Meadowbrook Way and SR 202 Intersection Improvements

See Six-year Transportation Improvement Plan 2024-29 PDF Map

Six Year Transporatation Plan 2024-29 Map