Admissions Tax

City of Snoqualmie Admissions Tax

Per Snoqualmie Municipal Code 3.04, the City of Snoqualmie imposes a 5% admissions tax on admission charges to any place or event located within the city – except for exceptions noted below.

“Admission charge” or “admission” means a monetary charge for entrance to an event or place open to the public, and includes, in addition to its usual and ordinary meaning, the following:

  • A charge made for season tickets or subscriptions
  • A cover charge, or charge made for the use of seats and tables reserved or otherwise, and other similar accommodations
  • A charge made for food and refreshment in any place where free entertainment, recreation or amusement is provided
  • Automobile parking charges if the amount of the charge is determined according to the number of passengers in the automobile
  • A sum of money referred to a “donation” or similar term which must be paid before entrance is allowed

The following admission charges are exempt from the admissions tax:

  • Activities of any elementary or secondary school
  • Activities of any church or religious organization
  • Activities of any nonprofit organization maintaining and exhibiting art, scientific, or historical collections for the benefit of the general public and not for profit
  • Government activities
  • The activities of any nonprofit organization exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

If you’re hosting an upcoming event that is subject to the City’s Admissions Tax, please fill out and submit the Admissions Tax Application Form below:

Admissions Tax Application

  1. Business License*
  2. We qualify and wish to apply for an exemption of admission tax per SMC 3.04.030*
  3. I hereby certify that the statements furnished by me on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief, and that I will comply with provisions of applicable City of Snoqualmie ordinances concerned with doing business in Snoqualmie including, but not limited to, making quarterly financial reports and payments of taxes.
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