Flood Hazard Regulations

Some areas in Snoqualmie are designated special flood hazard areas, therefore, the City of Snoqualmie participates in a program called National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) which provides flood insurance protection to property owners in flood-prone areas. 

Among other things, the NFIP requires that communities containing special flood hazard areas and other flood-prone areas adopt floodplain management regulations that meet certain minimum criteria set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  These regulations are designed to reduce or avoid flood damages. 

FEMA regularly updates its flood insurance rate maps and applicable regulations.  When this occurs, the City of Snoqualmie must update its flood hazard regulations to remain in compliance with federal rules.  FEMA is also issuing updated maps for King County which will take effect on August 19, 2020, however, the mapped floodplain and floodway in Snoqualmie is not changing as a result of these map updates. 

Floodplain/floodway map (downtown Snoqualmie)

See Adopted Flood Hazard Regulations SMC 15.12

Flood Hazard Regulation Documents