Design Values

The City of Snoqualmie is faced with several challenges relating to the environmental forces affecting various parts of the city. Much of the Snoqualmie Valley has very poor soil bearing capacity. In many areas, liquefaction potential is moderate to high. As the elevation changes, soil conditions generally improve. However, snow loads and wind exposure factors can also increase.

Building Design Values per 2018 International Building Code (IBC):

 Soil Bearing: 

  • Snoqualmie Valley floor 700 feet pounds per square foot (psf)
  • Above flood basin 2,000 feet psf

 Ground Snow Load:  

  • 35 psf elevations up to 700 feet
  • 45 psf elevations 701 feet- 800 feet
  • 50 psf elevations 801 feet - 900 feet
  • 55 psf elevations 901 feet - 1,000 feet
  • 60 psf elevations over 1,000 feet

 Wind Speed: 98 miles per hour, exposure B

 Seismic Design Category: D2
 Frost Depth: 18 inches