Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 2021-2022

Amended Capital Improvement Plan April 6, 2021 (PDF)

On April 12, 2021, the Snoqualmie City Council passed Resolution 1578 that amended the utilities and non-utilities sections of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

The intent of this amendment is to incorporate more detailed capital programs and projects for 2021-2022 into the 2021-2026 Utilities CIP and 2020-2025 Non-Utilities CIP while leaving their remaining planning years in full force and effect. Furthermore, this amendment enables the City Administration to solicit for grants, Requests for Proposals, and bids without having to obtain City Council approval first. However, the resolution does not release the City Administration from having to obtain City Council approval for contracts and appropriations.

Utilities Capital Improvement Plan 2021-2026

The 2021-2026 Utilities Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) guides the acquisition and improvement of water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure setting forth the capital projects and programs the City intends to complete over a six-year period.

Utilities Capital Improvement Plan November 17, 2020

Non-Utilities Capital Improvement Plan 2020-2025

The 2020-2025 Non-Utilities Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) provides for the proactive maintenance of infrastructure and facilities critical to maintaining the quality of life in Snoqualmie.

Non-Utilities Capital Improvement Plan August 26, 2019 (PDF)