Partnership and Purpose

About the Green Snoqualmie Partnership

The Green Snoqualmie Partnership is a collaborative effort between the City of Snoqualmie, the Snoqualmie Tribe, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, Forterra, community groups, nonprofits, schools, businesse,s and hundreds of volunteers to restore and maintain our forested parks and open spaces.

Green Snoqualmie Day Volunteers

Through this program, Green Snoqualmie partners with local communities to recruit, train and support volunteer stewards to lead forest restoration projects in priority parks. The city aims to build a strong culture of community stewardship, leadership, and partnership to support a healthy urban forest for everyone. Each city’s program relies on a network of individuals, organizations, staff and volunteers. All partners are essential for the success of the project.

Green Snoqualmie History

Formed in 2016, the Green Snoqualmie Partnership has a goal to restore and maintain 1000 acres by 2037. The Partnership will build upon existing city-wide community stewardship efforts and foster long-term support for restoration and maintenance of Issaquah’s parks and natural areas. Here are some of the program goals: 

  • Assessment of forest health conditions of the identified 1000 acres of parks and natural areas
  • Community outreach and engagement to guide project prioritization and implementation
  • Developing a Green Snoqualmie Partnership 20-year guide to share the forest health assessment results and establish goals and strategies for forest restoration and community engagement efforts
  • Implementation of on the ground projects with a volunteer program to organize local community groups to plant trees, remove invasive plant species and meet restoration goals