Why does the water sometimes have a brownish color?

Occasional water discoloration is due to fire hydrant flushing and fire flow calculating, which is done on a regular, but infrequent, basis. These procedures cause a high flow level to get the data needed. Unfortunately this stirs up sediment in the main lines which causes temporary water discoloration. The sediment is just minerals that have settled in the mains and are not harmful. All discoloration should disappear within 24 hours. Running cold water through your pipes will help to clear it out.

If the discoloration doesn’t go away within 24 hours, please call the City of Snoqualmie Public Works Department at 425-831-4919. We can come out and flush the lines. After hours, please call 425-323-0101 (pager) or call 425-831-4919 for a recorded message that will provide contact directions.

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