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Dec 13

Two Librarians Help Shape Snoqualmie Valley Libraries and Literacy

Posted to Around Town - A Community Blog by Gail Folkins

Michele Drovdahl and Irene Wickstrom, who recently retired from the King County Library System (KCLS), both served important roles connecting people with books and information in the Snoqualmie Valley.

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Feb 16

SFD Fire Blotter, Edition 69

Posted to Fire Blotter by Danna McCall

February 9, 2024 - Major Natural Gas Leak

Crews and multiple assisting agencies were dispatched to a Snoqualmie Ridge business on Center Blvd for the report of a strong gas odor. Crews investigated and discovered the gas was associated with a restaurant near a gas stove. All businesses in the area were evacuated. Gas was shut off to businesses within the building. Businesses were ventilated. PSE was called to the scene. 

February 11, 2024 - Trash Can Fire

Crews responded to a fire at Azaela Park in Snoqualmie. A caller reported a trash can was on fire and spreading to the wooden picnic shelter with 4-5 foot flames observed. Crews arrived and quickly extinguished the fire. The King County Fire Investigator was called to the scene and then the scene turned over to the police department. 

February 11, 2024 - Cardiac Arrest

EMTs were dispatched to a Fall City residence for a possible overdose involving a person not breathing. CPR was successful. 

February 12, 2024 - Fall

Crews responded to a Snoqualmie home to assist an individual who fell due to weakness and was suffering from back and shoulder pain. The person was transported to the hospital. 

February 13, 2024 - Minor Flooding

Crews responded to a Snoqualmie business for a report of minor flooding in the building due to a damaged sprinkler head. 

February 13, 2024 - Fall

Crews responded to a Snoqualmie residence to help an individual get up off the garage floor after a fall. 

February 14, 2024 - Tree onto Vehicle

Crews were dispatched to SR 18 near Issaquah-Hobart Road for a vehicle that was struck by a falling tree. Unfortunately, the vehicle's occupant did not survive. 

February 15, 2024 - Vehicle Fire

Crews responded to a one-vehicle accident on North Bend Way near Tollgate Farm Park. The vehicle was on its side and fully engulfed in flames. Crews extinguished the fire and the scene was handed over to police. 

February 16, 2024 - Chest Pain

Crews responded to a Snoqualmie business to assist an individual suffering from painful heart palpitations and leg weakness. The person was transported to the hospital. 

**These are a selection of calls responded to by the Snoqualmie Fire Dept. during the previous week.**

Feb 15

SPD Police Blotter, Edition 47

Posted to Police Blotter by Danna McCall

February 5, 2024 - Hit and Run

At approximately 9 pm, officers were dispatched to a malicious mischief in progress call at the Mt Si Chevron. A pickup truck had driven in between the gas pumps and damaged a garbage can. A witness reported seeing the incident happen and saw the driver leave the scene. The witness stated the driver was aware of the damage he caused, as he got out of the vehicle and surveyed the damage before leaving the scene. The driver was identified through security footage and charges were forwarded to the offender.

February 6, 2024 - Harassment

Officers were conducting routine patrol when a harassment complaint was dispatched for service. An officer met with the complainant at her Snoqualmie residence. She explained that she has been having issues with a neighbor that lives in the same apartment complex. To prove her claim, she showed multiple shots from her surveillance camera of the neighbor walking by and making a face at the camera. The complainant explained a few more instances where the neighbor seemed to be “poking the bear” and enticing her. The complaint stated that with new management taking over, the problems seemed to arise again. With the last management, they worked out a deal to mitigate this dispute. The officer informed her of the option of getting an Anti-Harassment order in place with her neighbor as the respondent. More information was given to her during the application process and the complainant left.  

February 6, 2024 - Unwanted Subject

At around 8:20 am, officers were dispatched to an unwanted subject call at the TA truck stop in North Bend. A man was asleep on the couch in the television room and the staff wanted him to move along. Officers made contact with the individual who stated that he was going to fight. After numerous attempts to have the man leave willingly, he declined. Management requested the man be trespassed. After more requests for the man to leave, officers placed the man in handcuffs and escorted him out. The man received a trespass citation and was given a ride to a men’s shelter in Bellevue.

February 6, 2024 - Theft Report

At around 12 pm, an officer was dispatched to a cold theft report at the Sno Falls Credit Union. The reporting party, an employee, stated that the energy meter was stolen from the side of the ATM enclosure, and believed the suspect was trying to interfere with the power supply to the ATM to gain access to the money. The officer received surveillance footage that displayed two individuals, one that never left a car and another that pried off the meter. Officers called Puget Sound Energy to get an estimate of the damage, which totaled out to $118.54 for a meter replacement.

February 7, 2024 - Vehicle Theft Report

At 10:15 am, officers were dispatched to an auto theft in the Timberstone Stone development area in North Bend. Officers contacted the reporting person, who stated that earlier that morning a company truck had been stolen. The truck was being tracked by GPS and was currently approaching Bellevue. The officer informed the Washington State Patrol of the vehicle’s location. WSP was continually updated on the truck’s location as it made its way up I-5. One of the company employees was also traveling north on I-5 and noticed the stolen truck just north of Stanwood. The employee was given a direct number to contact WSP and provided live updates of the vehicle's location. Finally, the vehicle was stopped in Mt. Vernon and the suspect was taken into custody. The suspect explained that after his car was impounded last night, he decided to steal a work truck and make his way home. 

February 8, 2024 - Animal Problem

At around 9 am, an officer was dispatched to the area of SE Park St and Euclid Ave SE for the report of an aggressive dog. Upon arrival, the officer met with the reporting party and his girlfriend, who stated that the girlfriend was walking her dog along Alpha St when another dog charged at her. She and the dog ran until she found mailboxes to put in between them and the opposing dog. The aggressor dog tried biting the dog she was walking, but eventually went back to its home. The officer then went to the dog owner's house and spoke to the owner, who stated that his dog was not outside, is not mean, and that the officer was mistaken. The officer explained that a report would be forwarded to King County Animal Control and that leaving his dog un-tethered and free to roam could lead to fines and even criminal charges. 

February 10, 2024 - Traffic Stop

At around 2:50 am, an officer was assisting another officer at a traffic stop on W North Bend Way when a black sedan drove by with no plates, no lights on and illegal window tint. The officer stopped assisting the traffic stop and initiated a traffic stop on the passing sedan which was occupied by one driver. When the officer contacted the driver and requested his license, the driver handed over a WA ID card because his license was suspended. The officer checked and confirmed his driving status. The driver seemed to be very interested in getting his license back and cleared. He was issued a citation for driving with a license suspended in the third degree.

February 10, 2024 - Traffic Stop

At around 2:35 am, while on patrol, an officer noticed a car driving in the oncoming lane for about three car lengths before correcting back into the right lane. The officer conducted a traffic stop and found three occupants in the vehicle. The driver did not speak English, so the passenger translated for him. The passenger explained to the officer that they were on their way to the casino and while following their map, they accidently drove into the oncoming lane. The driver did not have a driver's license and neither did the other two passengers. The driver also had a warrant for failing to transfer the vehicle title. The officer explained to the driver how to correct his warrant and cited him for driving without a valid license and valid ID. The individuals in the car called a friend - who had a valid license - to come pick them up and drive the car.

February 11, 2024 - Agency Assist

While on patrol, officers were dispatched to an agency assist at Azalea Park for a dumpster fire. Snoqualmie Fire was already on scene and extinguished the fire prior to the officer's arrival.  Upon arrival, the officer observed that one trash can was completely burnt, and the recycling bin was substantially burned.  Both containers were underneath a picnic shelter which sustained significant fire damage. There was also broken glass near the area. The fire captain on scene estimated about $10,000 worth of damage. After observing the scene, the officer spoke with the reporting party. She explained that while walking her dog, she noticed the trash can on fire. Immediately she called the fire department and did not see anyone near the fire, but she did see teenagers pass by in a vehicle. A King County Fire Investigator arrived to further investigate.

February 11, 2024 - Traffic Stop

An officer was on patrol around 2:20 am when he noticed a vehicle drifting within the lane while traveling eastbound on North Bend Way. The officer ran the plate number and found the registered owner to have a suspended license in the 3rd degree. The officer followed the vehicle, got sight of the person driving the vehicle, confirming that it was the registered owner. The officer conducted a traffic stop and found multiple collisions and unresolved tickets on the man’s driving record. The man was cited for driving with a suspended license in the 3rd degree.

**These are a selection of calls responded to by the Snoqualmie Police Dept. during the previous week.**