Car Tab Fee Refund

City of Snoqualmie Vehicle License Fee Refund 

In 2021, voters approved Proposition No. 1 which authorized the City of Snoqualmie to impose a 0.2% sales and use tax on retail sales within the City. The approval of Proposition No. 1 also repealed the City imposed a vehicle license (AKA car tab) fee, which was scheduled to be phased out on April 1, 2022. 

Unfortunately, the Department of Licensing was unable to update their system prior to April 1, 2022 and therefore some vehicle owners residing in the City were charged the fee after the repeal date. Consequently, the City is seeking to refund the city-imposed vehicle license fee to all those who paid it after April 1, 2022. The money is first collected by the Department of Licensing and distributed to the City on a monthly basis. 

If you paid the city-imposed vehicle license fee after the April 1, 2022 repeal date, please fill out and submit the online form below, along with the requested documentation. The form should be filled out for each vehicle for which you paid the fee. The City will process your request and may follow up with any questions. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to correct the situation. 

Vehicle License Fee Refund

  1. **Please allow 4-6 weeks for refund processing and delivery to address listed above**

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