Town Center Phase 3

Description & History

This project will create a continuous shared use path for pedestrians and bicyclists between the Snoqualmie River bridge and Downtown Snoqualmie (SE Northern Street).

South of this third phase of work, two previous phases of downtown improvements focused on development of strategies and improvements to enhance safety and mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists and honor the history of Snoqualmie as part of these improvements.

North of the project terminus, the Tokul roundabout just beyond the Snoqualmie River bridge was completed in 2016. The roundabout added a bicycle and pedestrian circulation network and facilities where previously there were none along the State highway.

Project Purpose

  • To enhance community and regional connectivity.
  • To support revitalization of the local economy of the 100-year-old Historic Snoqualmie district.
  • To create a safer more accessible trail system for both pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • To replace aging infrastructure to support increased use and improve water quality of surface water run off. 

Project Results

 Improve access for pedestrians and bicyclists by:

  •  Create a safe continuous accessible multi-modal trail
  •  Improve and update the facilities along the trail
  •  Construct a new trail bridge over Kimball Creek
  •  Add pedestrian lighting
  •  Make connections to the natural trails of the Riverwalk

Improve a two-lane state route corridor by:

  •  Enhance street lighting
  •  Improve access to bus stops
  •  Implement new utilities including undergrounding of aerial lines

For additional information or questions please contact: Dylan Gamble at

Project Area Map

Town Center 3 Context Map-01