What Is Stormwater?

Flood over roadway in SnoqualmieStormwater is the rain and snow that runs off our lawns and roads. Contrary to popular belief, stormwater runoff is not treated. In fact, runoff flows directly from the storm drain into local creeks and rivers and is the leading source of water pollution in our community. “75% of the toxic chemicals entering Puget Sound are carried by stormwater runoff that flows off hard urban surfaces.” 1 

Stormwater pollution not only harms the environment, including salmon and Orcas, but can also impact our health and safety. 

  • Flooding from stormwater runoff damages homes, farms, and the environment. 
  • Stormwater pollution can close beaches to swimming and shellfish harvesting. 
  • Contaminated stormwater harms wildlife. “Every fall more than half of the coho salmon that return to Puget Sound’s urban streams die before they can spawn.”1[ML1] Local researchers identified the chemical in stormwater from worn tires that’s contributing to killing coho salmon. 

What Can I Do?

You can help protect Snoqualmie’s waterways like the Snoqualmie River and its tributaries. The following are ways you can help keep our stormwater, environment, and families safe. IMG_5009 (002)

  • Establish a green garden. Learn more
  • More than 2,000 dogs live in Snoqualmie. Always scoop the poop, bag it, and place it in the trash (even if it’s in your own backyard).  Learn more.
  • Even a small vehicle leak can harm our local streams, the Snoqualmie River, and Puget Sound. Learn more
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash; they’re required to filter out all the nasty oil, chemicals, heavy metals, and tire dust. Learn more.

Learn more about stormwater and how our region is Protecting Washington's Waters from Stormwater Pollution