Riverbank Repair Project

The City of Snoqualmie, with funding from the King County Flood Control District, will repair an existing Snoqualmie River revetment. The repaired revetment will protect properties and structures along the roadway and stabilize a city water main and buried utility infrastructure. Without this repair, continued river erosion will likely cause the road to fail entirely. The project will include installation of wood piling, armor rock, and native vegetation to provide erosion protection, along with removal of invasive plant species growing on this section of the existing revetment.

In the spring of 2015, post-flood inspections revealed damage to two sections of an existing river revetment along the Snoqualmie River at the corner of SE River St and Park Ave SE in downtown Snoqualmie. A revetment is an engineered riverbank protection structure extending from the roadway and into the river. The damages resulted from high river flows, which caused erosion of riverbank armor rocks and exposure of underlying soils.

Project Info Sheet

Project Location

The Riverbank Repair Project, also known as the Record Office Revetment Project, is located at the intersection of SE River Street and Park Ave SE in downtown Snoqualmie along the Snoqualmie River. (See map below)

Construction Timeline

July 15, 2021 through December 2021

Road Closure

Roadway in the following sections will be closed 24/7 in both directions throughout most of the project duration.

  • SE River St from Falls Ave SE to Park Ave SE
  • Park Ave SE from SE River St to SE Newton St
Residents along Park Ave SE will be able to access their properties from the alley behind their homes. Parking will be available on side streets.  Partial access may be available at times during the project with advance notice. 


Noise will include pile driving, general construction activities, equipment operation, and truck traffic to deliver materials, supplies, and equipment to the project site.

Structural Impacts

Construction activities are not anticipated to create significant structural impacts or property damage. Some minor impacts may occur and will be restored following the project. Pile driving operations could create ground vibration, but this is expected to be minor and will not likely cause damage to nearby structures.
  1. Jeff Hamlin

    Deputy Director of Parks and Public Works
    Phone: 425-831-4919 ext. 3006

This is an aerial view of the Riverbank Repair Project Area.
This is an illustration of the primary work area for the Riverbank Repair Project.