Snoqualmie Parkway Rehabilitation Project

Over the past 20 years, the pavement condition on Snoqualmie Parkway has deteriorated and is now in need of substantial rehabilitation. According to Fehr & Peers – a transportation consulting firm – heavy trucks and buses are a major contributor to pavement degradation.

Snoqualmie may be seeking regional funding for pavement rehabilitation, but this funding requires justification that Snoqualmie Parkway serves regional trips. Fehr & Peers conducted a truck trip distribution analysis; findings illustrate that the vast majority of the pavement degradation impacts on Snoqualmie Parkway are attributed to heavy vehicles and estimate that 81 percent of truck trip ends start or end outside the city limits.

Read the Snoqualmie Parkway Truck Trip Distribution Analysis Memo. (11/09/2020)

Plan Overview

This is an aerial map of the Snoqualmie Parkway Pavement Rehabilitation Plan.