Element 9 - Capital Facilities & Utilities

The Capital Facilities & Utilities Element is used to identify essential public capital facilities along with private infrastructure facilities, establish acceptable levels of service, and ensure these facilities and services are provided in a timely manner to support existing and future residents. It is a mechanism the city can use to coordinate its physical and fiscal planning.

Since capital facilities and utilities are closely related, the City of Snoqualmie Comprehensive Plan has both combined into one element.

Element 9 - Capital Facilities & Utilities

Element 9 Table of Contents:

  1. Driving factors for capital facilities and utilities
  2. Six-year growth projections
  3. Six-year capital facilities financing plan
  4. Staffing
  5. Capital facilities inventory
  6. Growth Management Act (GMA) essential public facilities
  7. Utilities

Note: Element 9 was amended in 2017, an update from the original 2014 plan.