Land Use (Element 7)

The Land Use Element is a long-range guide to the physical development of Snoqualmie and its urban growth area (UGA). It translates the city vision into a physical plan describing where and how to develop, redevelop, and preserve Snoqualmie through general land use designations.

Land use designations provide residents and property owners predictability about the nature of land use planning in Snoqualmie, helping guide future land use development applications.

Element 7 - Land Use

Element 7 Table of Contents:

  1. Driving land use factors
  2. Land use overview
  3. Balanced, healthy development patterns
  4. Urban growth area (UGA)
  5. Floodplain land use
  6. Water rights
  7. Glossary of proposed land uses
  8. Methodology on the distribution and extent of land uses