Public Records Request

A public record is any state or local record relating to the conduct of government or the performance of a governmental function, and which is prepared or retained by any state or local agency.

Important things to know about requesting public records from the Snoqualmie Police Department:

  • Please fill out the online Police Department Public Records Request.
  • Requests are processed in the order received. Any request received at the end of the day will be considered received on the following business day.
  • There will be a charge of 15 cents per single-sided, 8 ½" x 11" page or 25 cents for double-sided hard copy. Electronic copies will incur the cost of the media. Postage will also be charged for any records mailed. Methods of payment acceptable at the Snoqualmie Police Department are exact cash or checks made payable to City of Snoqualmie.
  • The Police Department has five business days to respond to requests. Within those five days, the department may send the requested copies, deny the request, or provide a letter stating more time is required due to volume of requests or legal review. If more time is needed, an estimated date of completion will be provided. (Revised Code of Washington 42.56)
  • Public records are subject to disclosure unless otherwise exempt by law. If this is the case for your request, you will be notified of the qualifying exemptions.
  • Please be advised that if you have entered other requests that are currently open, the Police Records Division will queue your other requests separately. This means that we will work on only one request for each requester at a time to continue providing records to other members of the public.

We encourage everyone to submit requests via the online Public Records Request Portal. If you are unable to do so, you can make an in-person appointment request at the department, by email, fax or in-person.



  • Snoqualmie Police Department
  • 34825 SE Douglas St, Snoqualmie WA 98065
  • Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


  • Snoqualmie Police Department
  • Attn: Records Request
  • 34825 SE Douglas St
  • Snoqualmie, WA  98065

Fax: 425-831-6121