Council Member Sean Sundwall, Position 6

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Council Member Sean Sundwall
Position 6
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Term Expires: 12/31/2023

My wife and I and our four children are proud to have made Snoqualmie our home since 2005. It is a beautiful city with wonderful people. My vision for Snoqualmie is a city that people are proud to call home and visitors flock to again and again. I envision a city with a robust commercial tax base that relies less and less on residential taxes. I envision a city that is home to a diverse set of people and a more diverse business environment that can employ more people who live here. I envision a city with old charm and new life. I envision a city that our children will want to return to. 

My belief in our city is why I started two successful businesses here. It’s why I coach two sports at Mount Si High School. It’s why I worked feverishly to support multiple school bond campaigns. It’s why I now serve as a city councilmember.

While our city is largely a success story, continued success is not a foregone conclusion. Growth management, economic development and traffic/infrastructure are significant issues that if not handled properly, will have lasting, negative impacts on our quality of life. We are at a crossroads as a city.  We have to make really smart decisions about where we grow, how we grow, and how that affects the infrastructure we have in place to deal with that growth. Since we live in such a desirable place, we have the opportunity to create a more dynamic economic and employment base than what currently exists. 

It is an honor to represent and serve the citizens of Snoqualmie. I represent you.  

Service in 2021:
Parks & Public Works Council Committee, Chair
Public Safety Council Committee, Member
Lodging Tax Advisory Committee, City Council Liaison
Snoqualmie Valley School District #410, City Council Liaison
Meadowbrook Farm Preservation Association, City Council Liaison
Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce, City Council Liaison