Council Member Katherine Ross, Position 2

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Council Member Katherine Ross
Position 2
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Term Expires: 12/31/2023

My family and I have lived in Snoqualmie for over 13 years, and we agree with Money magazines’ 2015 ranking Snoqualmie as the 5th in the nation of “Best Places to Live”. We feel fortunate every day to be able to live in such a remarkable place where we can easily access biking and hiking trails, parks, local shops and restaurants. 

My 13 years of volunteering in our community and non-profit work, as well as my 17 years working for corporations as a business executive has prepared me for the role as City Councilmember.   My vision is for our residents to live, play, and buy in our city. Our citizens would do most of their shopping here, by visiting Snoqualmie’s many local retail stores or restaurants rather than drive out of town to shop. It would reduce the revenue “leakage” and diversify Snoqualmie’s revenues.   

As a councilmember, I hope to contribute to strengthening economic development and ensure local growth that protects the health, welfare, and quality of life for our residents and businesses. 

I am honored to be elected as a City Council and I will take a balanced, pragmatic approach to issues and make decisions that will preserve the heritage, culture, and lifestyle of our community.

Service in 2021:
Community Development Council Committee, Chair
Finance & Administration Council Committee, Member
Planning Commission, City Council Liaison
Sound Cities Association, City Council Liaison
Snoqualmie Valley YMCA Board, City Council Liaison