Snoqualmie Arts Commission

The Snoqualmie Arts Commission helps develop and support public programs for the arts, advises the City on permanent public art installations, and helps develop designs for City streetlight pole banners. Commission programs include classes at reduced cost, art shows in the City Hall Lobby, and developing popular events like the Plein Air Paint Out, and the Finally Friday Art and Wine Walks!


  • Meets on the second Monday of each month.
  • 5:30 p.m.
  • Via Zoom and Dial-In
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  • City Council Liaison:  Rob Wotton
  • Staff Liaison:  Nicole Wiebe  | Community Liaison to the City Administrator


   Pos. No. Name Appointed Term Exp.
         1 Sally Rackets, Chair 01/27/2020 01/31/2024
         2 Michelle Tjosvold 11/22/2021 01/31/2024
         3 Donna Cronk 02/22/2021 01/31/2025
         4 Nicole Hansen 02/22/2021 01/31/2025
         5 Catherine Cotton 02/14/2022 01/31/2026
         6 VACANT   01/31/2026
         7 Sally Mayo 01/25/2021 01/31/2025

Gloria McNeely 01/28/2013 Lifetime


The Snoqualmie Arts Commission consists of seven members, who reside within the city. They are appointed by the mayor, subject to confirmation by the city council. Arts commission members serve four-year terms.


The Snoqualmie Arts Commission has the following duties and powers:

  • To hold regular public meetings.
  • To initiate, sponsor, conduct alone or in cooperation with other public or private agencies, public programs to further the development and public awareness of and interest in the fine and performing arts, and preservation of the cultural heritage of the city. Any agreements with another entity must have prior approval by the city council.
  • To encourage donations and grants to the city of Snoqualmie for civic arts purposes, and to advise the city regarding the receipt of such donations and grants. All funds shall be submitted to the city treasurer. 
  • To advise the city concerning the receipt of or purchase of works of art to be placed on municipal property. If requested, the arts commission may advise on exterior and interior building structures.
  • To advise and assist the city in connection with such other artistic and heritage activities as mayor or council may request.